Issue #10 | Jan 22, 2016


From Monolith to Microservices?—?Part 1: AWS Lambda and API Gateway

The combination of AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda eliminate the DevOps overhead associated with Microservices.

What Are APIs and How Do They Work?

Thanks to the wider-spread attention that APIs are getting from the mainstream media, "What is an API?" is in fact the million dollar question because for those who understand the potential of APIs, there could be millions of more dollars to be made, or saved.

Developing Microservices With Spring Boot

This is the code accompanying the Livelessons video training course, Building Microservices with Spring Boot, by Josh Long and Phil Webb.

Getting started with microservices using rails and docker

Getting Started with Microservices using Ruby on Rails and Docker.

Security Challenges in Microservice Implementations

But rolling out a microservice strategy in an organisation is a multidisciplinary exercise. On the surface, it looks like mostly architecture work, but in fact there is a lot more to it to make it successful. At the same time, new security challenges arise that have to be dealt with and might be difficult to tackle by traditional means.

A Beginner's Guide To Scaling To 11 Million+ Users On Amazon's AWS

How do you scale a system from one user to more than 11 million users? Joel Williams, Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect, gives an excellent talk on just that subject: AWS re:Invent 2015 Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users.

Microservices: Agreements must be kept

Utilising (API-) contracts that are defined by several partners instead of just one, microservice architectures can be tested and developed easily and efficiently.

Microservices in Seconds: Node.js + Docker + NoSQL

This stack could be used for any microservices application and the individual components can be swapped out easily. Prefer HAProxy to Nginx? No problem – just update the docker-compose.yml file with the image you want to use.

Docker: A boon for the modern developer

Use Docker to code more productively and expand your skills more efficiently. Declutter your development environment, eliminate dependency conflicts, and reduce development and learning time by working with containerized applications.

Integration Patterns for Microservices

One of the fundamental principals of microservices is the idea of lightweight, composable loosely coupled applications that can either talk through some type of service endpoint, through some protocol like HTTP or through pipes.

Running Secured Docker Registry 2.0

If you work with Docker and for some reason decided not to use the public Docker Hub, a private Docker Registry is an essential part of your architecture.

How Apache Kafka is Fundamentally Changing the Streaming of Big Data

LinkedIn, Netflix and Uber are just a few companies who are utilizing Apache Kafka, which facilitates realtime data streams and provides an open source messaging system.

Building alerts on BBC iPlayer A/V consumption

Software Engineer Daniel Harper shares insights into one of those solutions, based around making BBC iPlayer as stable as possible.

Kafka in a Nutshell

Kafka is a messaging system. That’s it. So why all the hype? In reality messaging is a hugely important piece of infrastructure for moving data between systems.

What every software engineer should know about real-time data's unifying abstraction

You can't fully understand databases, NoSQL stores, key value stores, replication, paxos, hadoop, version control, or almost any software system without understanding logs; and yet, most software engineers are not familiar with them.

Apache Kafka for Beginners

When used in the right way and for the right use case, Kafka has unique attributes that make it a highly attractive option for data integration.

Development Environments with Docker

The real world can be a harsh place. Do not believe for a moment that adopting a new technology will be without pain points or mandatory learnings.


Tech chat: processing billions of events a day with Kafka, Zookeeper and Storm

Separating Fact from Fiction: What do Microservices really look like?

Want to deep dive into the world of Microservices? Cut through the theory and join Russ Miles, Chief Scientist at Simplicity Itself, as we walk through the real advantages and disadvantages of microservices using a real-world application as the backdrop for discussing the different techniques involved.


Go kit

Go kit is a distributed programming toolkit for building microservices in large organizations.


Microservices Primer

The Microservices Primer gives a short introduction to Microservices: What they are, why they are useful and how to learn more about them.


Microservices Practitioner Livestream, January 27

Presentations from Netflix, Yelp, Uber, New Relic and more. Event is being held on January 27, 10:15AM - 5:00PM (Pacific time)

jDays 2015

A Java developers conference about Java SE, Java EE, Java Open Source Frameworks and technologies, Front-end (Web & Mobile), Cloud & Microservices, IoT, Big Data, Test, Trends & Future, Software Solutions, Case Studies, Real World Experiences, Methodologies & Tools, and other related subjects.

JAX DevOps

April 27-29, 2016 London. The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker & Clouds.


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