Issue #12 | Feb 5, 2016


Jenkins, Docker and DevOps: The Innovation Catalysts — Part I

This is the first in a series of blog posts about the ability to greatly accelerate software delivery pipelines - thus, also accelerating innovation - using the combination of Jenkins, Docker and continuous delivery practices.

Weave Flux

Flux is a service routing layer that lets you control how containers are accessed as services, without dictating how the containers are created, placed or otherwise orchestrated.

Service Principles

A guide to service principles at Yelp for our service oriented architecture

Integration Patterns for Microservices Architectures

A lightweight messaging system such as NATS is a better way for microservices to talk to each other and integrate disparate systems outside the microservice or architecture.

Best practices for scaling with DevOps and microservices

It's entirely possible to manage a fast-growing, scale-out architecture without being a cloud-native, two-year-old startup. It's also possible to do this while combining microservices with relational databases.

Microservices, SOA, and APIs: Friends or enemies?

Comparing a microservices architecture and service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a sensitive topic and often cause for a swift source of disagreement. This article examines where these controversies stem from and considers how best to resolve them.

Microservices won’t improve your code quality

You are told that microservices make the whole thing so much easier, and each component is so small that you don’t need to put the same amount of care into it. Is that true? No, it isn’t.

How yourKarmais using microservices in production

“Microservices” and “Microservice Architecture” are hot buzz words in the development community right now, but concrete examples of microservices in production are still scarce. Read how yourKarmais using microservices in production.

Re-architecting on the Fly #OReillySACon

This workshop should arm you with a framework by which to approach your own decisions around how to manage, maintain, and evolve your own systems.

Creating a Microservice? Answer these 10 Questions First by datawireio

Microservices appear simple to build on the surface, but there’s more to creating them than just launching some code running in containers and making HTTP requests between them. Here are 10 important questions that you should answer about any new microservice before development begins on it – and certainly before it gets deployed into production.

How to secure containers and microservices

The cloud will never be less complex; a policy-driven approach to deployment and management delivers security and trust

The new normal: Failure is a good thing

It seems that everyone is talking about microservices as the road to salvation. Why? Why now?

Revitalizing Aging Architectures with Microservices

How Walmart Canada got 20% more conversions on Black Friday?

Adrian Cockroft talk at OOP2016

Adrians talk on microservices talk at #OOP2016 as sketched by @remarker_eu


AppSec EU15 - Greg Patton - The API Assessment Primer

With the rise of mobile applications and stronger browsers expressing functionalities using the API is more popular day by day. Presentation from Greg Patton in the AppSec EU15 titled The API Assessment Primer is a great start for API security validations.

Patterns And Practices For Real-world Event-driven Microservice

At Jet.com, we've based our architecture around cloud-based event-driven microservices, and over the last several months, have schooled ourselves on what works and what doesn't. This session will walk you through the lessons we have learned on our way to developing our platform.


Magpie Talkshow Episode 12 - Kristof Adriaenssens Distributed Drilling Edition

Talk about Zipkin itself, Kristofs work on the Brave library, the general challenges of managing microservices at scale, and some of the solutions that they have come up with at SoundCloud to handle the complexities.



Open Source Lightweight Microservices Architecture for the Internet of Things. For developers.


Flexible Software Architectures

Eberhard Wolff's book offers a comprehensive introduction to Microservices.


jDays 2015

A Java developers conference about Java SE, Java EE, Java Open Source Frameworks and technologies, Front-end (Web & Mobile), Cloud & Microservices, IoT, Big Data, Test, Trends & Future, Software Solutions, Case Studies, Real World Experiences, Methodologies & Tools, and other related subjects.

JAX DevOps

April 27-29, 2016 London. The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Docker & Clouds.