Lego Power

Issue #14 | Feb 19, 2016


Why I don't use Docker much anymore

Many reasons why you should stop using Docker. Insightful writing by @abevoelker.

Eliminating Large JVM GC Pauses Caused by Background IO Traffic

Linkedin developers investigate and show that the pauses are induced by the JVM GC (Garbage Collection)’s write() system calls during GC log writing. Such log writes, even in an asynchronous (i.e., buffered IO or non-blocking IO) write mode, can still be blocked for considerable time by OS mechanisms including page cache writeback.

Using Domain-Driven Design When Creating Microservices

Microservices and Domain-Driven Design (DDD) are not only about Bounded contexts, although a fundamental tool for defining granularity of microservices there are other important concepts as well

Don’t start with a monolith, when your goal is a microservices architecture

Beware of architectural recipes that are too simple and too obvious. This one – start by carving up your domain into separate, independent parts – is no exception. Sometimes a monolith is preferable, sometime it’s not.

Scaling Microservices with an Event Stream

In Building Microservices, Sam Newman explains why services choreography may be a more appropriate integration model for supporting complex business processes across domains.

Microservices, monoliths and laser nail guns: Etsy tech boss on finding the right focus

John Allspaw has a long history on the web from Salon to Friendster to Flickr. For the past five years, he has been at popular e-commerce site Etsy, where he’s now VP of operations and infrastructure. Among software architect types, Etsy has developed a reputation as maintaining a monolithic application architecture in an era of microservices, often leaving Allspaw playing the role of contrarian.

Why Spring is Winning the Microservices Game

This is the second blogpost in the series “Exploring the virtues of microservices”, with each one checking out different frameworks that established themselves in the Java industry as goto choices for establishing a microservices environment.

A Quick Primer on Microservices

How Microservices Differ From Service-Oriented Architecture, problems Microservices Solve and the Relationship of Microservices to DevOps.

How To Build Your Property Management System Integration Using Microservices

This is a guest post on highscalability by Rafael Neves, Head of Enterprise Architecture at ALICE, a NY-based hospitality technology startup. While the domain is Property Management, it's also a good microservices intro.

The Microservice Architecture Journey at Equinix

Experience on bringing up scalable and yet reusable IT service frameworks at Equinix.

Using API Simulation to Build Microservices Alongside a Java Monolith

When decomposing a monolithic Java application it is often good practice to introduce ‘seams’ as API endpoints that newly created microservices can call. The challenge, however, is running the monolith locally, or getting access to a test environment with the monolith running.

Going Reactive: the 8 technologies used by teams developing Microservices

Out of 3060 overall users, 33% identifed their systems as microservices-based.

Lego Power - How to build repeatable Microservices based Infrastructure

Person (or a microservice) who requires infrastructure services, should be able to construct and consume infrastructure capabilities following the lego block principle by using a “simple” shopping list and following an utility based principle.


Martin Fowler talks about Microservices on GOTOcon

Very good intro to micro service architecture given by The Martin Fowler.?

Rodrigue Schaefer took the stage to describe how Zalando use microservices

Rodrigue Schaefer took the stage to describe how Zalando engineers are taking a microservices approach to frontend as well as backend through a rebuild of the company’s “shop”—the unit that includes 15 country-specific, customer-facing websites.

Dont Build a Distributed Monolith Ben Christensen

This talk will explore the common pitfalls, the pain they cause, and approaches to connecting microservice permitting the promised separation of concerns that allows varied architectures, platforms, languages, timelines, and incremental rewrites of a microservice system.

Designing APIs with Customers in Mind

Designing APIs as products, always asking how your consumers will think about your data model.

Microservice Ecosystems at Scale by Randy Shoup

This session will discuss building and operating modern microservice architectures at scale, using specific examples from both Google and eBay.

Framing #Microservices by Richard Li, CEO at datawireio

Microservices is an architecture for building continuous uptime distributed systems with a distributed development model.


Use Go to Build Scalable Backends

Microservices in Go teaches you how to handle advanced server side development in Go; it uses microservices to accomplish this, but is relevant to all server-side developers. The author gives you tips on how to deploy Go apps to popular cloud platforms like Amazon, Google, and Digital ocean.

Microservices Patterns and Application

Discover and Manage Microservices Architecture (Microservices Patterns and Application, Building Microservices, QBit, Gradle, Java POJO, Developing Microservices, Security)



Claudia helps you deploy and update Node.js microservices to Amazon Web Services easier. It automates and simplifies deployment workflows and error prone tasks, so you can focus on important problems and not have to worry about AWS service quirks.

Microservices playbook

Microservices playbook is a distillation of learnings from @datawireio team and their journey into #microservices