Issue #16 | Mar 4, 2016


Using Netflix Zuul to Proxy your Microservices

Thanks to Netflix and the Spring Cloud project, you can deploy a Zuul server on Heroku in just a few minutes. This service requires very little code, and can be used with microservices written in any language--not just Java.

Building Microservices with Golang, Docker and CircleCI

The thing is that everyone is talking about microservices but the frameworks and development practices are not so mature yet, there are some amazing companies like Netflix and USwitch who have been using this stuff for a number of years but knowledge and patterns have only slowly seeped out into the mainstream.

Microservices Security: All The Questions You Should Be Asking

Here is list of questions that you and your team should be asking yourselves about microservices security.

Webinar Replay: Creating a PageRank Analytics Platform Using Spring Boot Microservices

This webinar introduces you to a sample application that combines multiple microservices with a graph processing platform to rank communities of users on Twitter.

Microservices Ending up as a Distributed Monolith

At the recent Microservices Practitioner Summit Facebook engineer Ben Christensen talked about an increasingly common anti-pattern of coupling of distributed systems with binary dependencies.

A microservices architecture with Python ZeroMQ and Docker

Article describes scenario where you are creating an e-commerce store that uses Microservices pattern.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building a Scalable Web App on Amazon Web Services

This guide exists in two parts. This is first part where author will focus on the high-level concepts in AWS and how to put together an AWS architecture. In Part 2, focus will be on DevOps and maintaining the infrastructure.

Don’t Think like an Engineer When Designing Microservices

When designing microservices and their APIs, you need to think like a designer focusing on the users, Nic Benders claimed in his presentation at the recent Microservices Practitioner Summit. Design the API first, then build your services with an outside-in approach.

Lightbend’s Lagom Will Run Java-Based Microservices at Scale

Lightbend is in the process of developing a new Java framework called Lagom, offering what it hopes is a holistic approach to microservices, regardless of a project’s scale.

Microservices, Integration, and Building Your Digital Enterprise

Learn more about the digital enterprise, and intersection of microservices and enterprises integration.

Intro to Docker … and how is used at Overleaf

Docker by example. A look at what's happening behind the scenes.

Patterns for Streaming Realtime Analytics by Srinath Perera

Srinath Perera did a tutorial on DEBS 2015 (9th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems), describing a set of realtime analytics patterns.

Microservices is not the solution you think

While microservices might be the latest trending term across various ecosystems, the process is not new.

Versioning a Microservice System with git

Article describes a mechanism which can help control the deployment of a microservice-based system and give more visibility about what code is actually deployed.

Learning resources for microservices

Guys from Senecajs assembled neat list of books for learning Microservices

Creating Microservice Deployment Pipelines with Netflix’s Spinnaker: A Perspective from Google

At the microXchg 2016 conference, held in Berlin, Germany, Rick Buskens presented "Microservice Deployment Pipelines with Spinnaker", which discussed the collaboration between Netflix and Google on the Netflix-conceived Spinnaker continuous delivery platform.


Playing in the Mud by Dean McDonnell

This talk looks at a complete microservice system. It will show it running and demonstrate adding live monitoring as a set of additional microservices. Throughout we will discuss lessons learned and when it makes sense to build little balls of mud.

Webinar Replay: Microservices at Tyro: An Evolutionary Tale

Talk is mostly about things Tyro Payments has been doing with microservices over the last year, but also about the almost 10 years of practice with distributed computing.


Microservices in .NET

Microservices in .NET shows you how to build and deploy secure and operations-friendly microservices using Nancy.



BeyondJ is the Next Generation, Reactive, Modular and Multi-tenant Java container.