Issue #17 | Mar 11, 2016


AWS Lambda Microservices Architecture for Node.js

AWS Lambda Microservices Architecture Template. This architecture is designed to be used with Node.js projects, but it can be changed to any language.

API Academy Bootcamp webinars

Nice set of webinars from API Academy Bootcamp

Preparing for Microservices: Software Patterns Made Easy with Cycligent

The leap from legacy system to a more agile microservices architecture is not always simple, but if you start by following the best practices and patterns outlined in the article, you can simplify the implementation of these prerequisites.

Why RESTful communication between Microservices can be perfectly fine

In this blog post, author clarifies how the terms used should be understood and show that HTTP and REST for internal service communication can be perfectly fine, as choosing to do so has nothing to do with whether your services integrate synchronously or asynchronously – and the latter question is what you should really be concerned with.

Monitoring microservices with Synthetic Transactions in Golang

In this post Ken Oscar Gronnbeck look into the concept of Synthetic Transactions, and how to get started with the implementation of a Synthetic Transaction tester.

WSO2 releases new microservices Framework for Java

Integration middleware maker WSO2 released a new framework for Java developers building microservices. The WSO2 Microservices Framework for Java 1.0 (MS4J) is a lightweight, open source framework for creating Java-based microservices that support container-based deployments.

Surviving Microservices with Richard Rodger at microXchg: Messages, Pattern Matching and Failure

At the microXchg 2016 conference, held in Berlin, Germany, Richard Rodger presented "Surviving Microservices", a practical guide for developers wanting to keep their microservices architectures healthy and performant.

Building Microservices with Event Sourcing and CQRS

Michael Ploed talks about the distributed data management challenges that arise in a microservices architecture and how they can be solved using an event-driven architecture.

Very Awesome Microservices Platform

If you ask Olaf Molenveld, CEO and co-founder of Amsterdam-based, about containers and microservices, he will say they are a perfect match. Although complications do exist, Very Awesome Microservices Platform (VAMP) aims to iron them out.

Why APIs are taking centre stage for businesses

Ross Mason, MuleSoft founder, looks at how APIs are driving microservices - which are quickly replacing the old IT operating model.

The best time to understand how your system works is when it is dying

At the QCon Developer conference underway in London, William Hills R&D Engineering Lead Gavin Stevenson told attendees that they should celebrate IT failures. Stevensons underlying point is that examining how an application fails when under stress is more illuminating than simply observing it working.

All Things Containers From Solaris Zones to Docker

The 2016 Container Summit was held at the New World Stages in New York City. InfoQs Rags Srinivas caught up with Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, the day after the summit while he was still recovering from hoarseness.

Using Golang and JSON for Kafka Consumption With High Throughput

When consuming from Kafka, throughput is a major key to success.

Stream processing without the frameworks - new Apache Kafka feature brings easy stream processing to new use-cases

Kafka Streams is a Java library for building distributed stream processing apps using Apache Kafka. It will be part of the upcoming Kafka 0.10 release and we’ve made a preview version available to make it easy to try out now.


Microservices at Spotify

Tales from battlefield: Microservices at Spotify by KevinGoldsmith Vice President, Engineering at Spotify.



Introducing Pencil: A Microframework Inspired By Flask For Rust.