Zombie Apocalypse

Issue #18 | Mar 18, 2016


Analyzing Response Time Distributions for Microservices with Adrian Cockcroft

Cockcroft demonstrated how the combination of his Spigo microservice architecture simulation tool and the online Guesstimate Monte Carlo method tool can be used to visualise and experimentally simulate request response times within a complicated microservice system.

Deploying a NodeJS and MongoDB Microservice with Docker Swarm

Flocker is an open-source container data volume manager for your Dockerized application. It gives ops teams the tools they need to run containerized stateful services like databases in production.

The revival of Domain-Driven Design in the context of Microservices

Slides of the talk Oliver Gierke gave at JPMC Tech Symposium, Glasgow.

How Microservices Fixes The Slow Train Problem

The ideas of "dependencies" and "coupling" are important touch points for understanding and conveying the software delivery benefits of a microservices approach to architecture.

Microservices to FastData in the Enterprise with Spring

John T Davies is using Spring Integration and Spring Boot to ingest gigabytes of complex data into two different in-memory data grids (IMDGs), showing the design and implementation with several demos.

Microservices for a Streaming World

Embrace decentralization, build service-based systems and attack the problems that come with distributed state using stream processing tools, Ben Stopford urged in his presentation at the recent QCon London conference.

Running Java on Docker? You're Breaking the Law!

Using Oracle Java with Docker might put you in legal liability. Why?

Webinar: Secure Development on the Salesforce Platform - Part I

In this first installment of our Secure Salesforce Development webinar series members of the Salesforce Trust team will introduce the core concepts behind developing secure applications on the Salesforce platform using Apex and Visualforce.

Microservices Arent Micro Enough

Learn more about microservices, what's myth and misunderstood, and what's fact.

Guns, Germs and Microservices

Presentation at DevOps Connect: Rugged DevOps during RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco.

Designing APIs With Customers in Mind

Like many companies, New Relic started with a single monolithic app. As the company grew, the app grew. Maintenance costs were high. Small problems could rapidly become big problems.

Tech Talk: Service Discovery or Why each microservice should believe it's the only one in the world with Richard Rodger

Talk by Richard Rodger of nearForm, author of The Tao of Microservices.

Web app using Microservices in Go: Part 1 – Design

Promising series of articles on how to design your microservice architecture from scratch by using Go.

4 reasons why microservices resonate

Microservices optimize evolutionary change at a granular level. It isn’t for everyone —many companies will contrast the complexity against the benefits and decide to remain with monolithic or traditional SOA architectures.

Take-aways from Voxxed Days Vienna 2016

Interesting this write-up and insights from Voxxed Days in Vienna.


Native Java with Spring Cloud Services

This talk introduces the capabilities provided by Spring Cloud Services and demonstrate how it makes simple work of deploying cloud native applications to Cloud Foundry.

Event-Driven Microservices by Chris Richardson

This video presents a balanced view of the benefits and drawbacks of microservices. It outlines the motivations driving the adoption of microservices; compares and contrasts it to monolithic architecture; describes solutions to key problems such as inter-service communication and distributed data management; and moves on to a set of strategies for refactoring a monolithic application into a set of microservices.


RabbitMQ anti pattern

Discussion on Hacker News whether RabbitMQ is anti pattern to use to connect Microservices.


Go-msf, a framework for microservice architectures

go-msf is a framework of tools and libraries that support you in building your microservice architecture.


Zombie Apocalypse Workshop: Building Serverless Microservices

Learn how AWS Lambda provides a platform for building event-driven microservices, all without the need to provision, manage, and scale servers. In this workshop, we will introduce the basics of building serverless microservices using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon S3.

Learn how engineers at Twitter operate JVMs and Microservices at scale

Come and learn how engineers at Twitter are building and operating a compute platform at scale. Enjoy a drink, great eats and meet folks who are working on building compute platforms.

Microservices Microtalks

Microservices Microtalks in Austin, Tx by Eric Adams and Jessica Lucci.