Need for speed

Issue #2 | Nov 26, 2015


Using Microservices to design for scale

Don't Kill off your Monoliths because its trendy

Using Microservices to design for scale

Stefan Tilkov: "If you decide to build things using a microservices approach, you need to be aware that while it will be a lot easier to make localized decisions in each individual part, it will be much harder to change the very boundaries that enable this."

Testing Microservices with pmux and TravisCI

Graham Jenson showcasing End-to-End Testing of MicroServices.

The need for speed – A story about DevOps, microservices, continuous delivery and cloud computing

Uwe Friedrichsen tells a story about history, evolution and where we are heading.


Inside NGINX: How We Designed for Performance & Scale


Microservices Architecture and Implementation with Spring & Docker