Judgement Day

Issue #21 | Apr 8, 2016


Microservices Chaos Testing at Jet

Rachel Reese talks about Jet.com's chaos testing methods and code in depth, but also lays out a path to implementation that everyone can use.

This kind of technology is not only for Internet unicorns. Kafka has made a noticeable impact on typically slower-to-adopt, traditional enterprises as well.

Microservices: Judgement Day

Approach to data validation when you use queues (Kafka) to communicate between your microservices.

Exploring Microservices Architecture on Heroku

Building an application with a microservice architecture is an excellent long-term decision if you can afford the increase in upfront time investment to do it properly.

Microservices: The rise of Kafka

Article explains how using Kafka to implement this interface would affect the design and operation of this system, as compared to using REST.

Microservices with Apache Camel, Spring Boot and Docker

Article will demonstrate how to build a microservice quickly. The goal is rapid development and small code footprint.

IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk 101: Developing a Microservice

IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is an event-driven compute platform that enables developers to build chains of scalable microservices. It executes application logic in response to events or through direct invocations.

Spring Boot: Starting up with basic microservice

Short introduction to Spring boot and microservices.

The New Normal:The Art of War Maneuverability, and Microservices

In an antifragile organization, we want to explore opportunities so resources flow like water into the things that are working, and abandon those that are not.


Java Day Kyiv 2015: 100% JavaEE Microservices, Ivar Grimstad

A common pattern when building systems based on distributed services is Service Discovery. And that is where Snoop comes in. It is a 100% Java EE alternative to Eureka. Just as simple and at least as powerful. And no need for 3rd party frameworks.

Building Application Services for Containers

Load Balancing and other application services for your application microservices based environments.


Revisiting Microservices With Matt Stine

Matt Stine shares some valuable lessons on what we see is working and not working—and what people should look out for.

Injecting Cloud Native Thinking Into Java With Spring Boot

This is a two part episode on Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. Discussion is led around the idea of doing process-based design (a key part of cloud native application development) in Java and how Initializr and Boot help with that.

Four Must-See Developer Videos On Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The four part series goes over Pivotal Cloud Foundry as whole, looks at the platform, and then wraps up, digging into two of the more popular frameworks for Java developers—Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.


Microservices for the Enterprise

Join Webinar on Apr 19, 2016 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST / 2am JST.

Java-Based Microservices: Understanding the Benefits and Boundaries for Your Application Structure

Asad will walk through a real-world example of Dynatrace server code that uses the Producer Consumer pattern to separate identification of work with execution of work. He will also leave time for Q&A so that you can get your specific questions answered.