Issue #22 | Apr 15, 2016


Microservice Performance Patterns

This article discusses some of the key performance challenges which can impact the performance of microservices-based systems.

The Netflix Stack Using Spring Boot - Part 1: Eureka

Here's a neat look at the Netflix stack, and using Spring Boot. This overview probes Netflix-created libraries, and incorporating them into Spring apps.

Low latency Microservices

Nice series of articles about Microservices by Peter Lawrey known for vanillajava blog.

Distinguished Microservices: It’s in the Behavior

As microservices makes its way into the enterprise, what does it take for an organization to move from the whiteboard to the real world?

Microservices - the good the bad and the truth

Author discuss when you should consider implementing Microservice Oriented Architecture.

Event Driven Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream

This articles explains why Event driven architectures might be good fit for microservices.

Three Challenges Facing the Adoption of Microservices

Automating, visualizing, and coordinating changes to a complex network of interdependent services is the major challenge of delivering microservices applications. Typically, that means embracing a delivery model that is designed to handle dependencies.

What (almost) everyone gets wrong about Microservices

What are microservices and why do they matter?

Reactive Microservices with RxJava - Part 1

Should I use RxJava? Yes, Definitively. RxJava has zero dependencies, it's less than 1mb and its Non-opinionated about the source of concurrency (threads, pools, event loops, fibers, actors, etc).

Running MongoDB as a Microservice with Docker and Kubernetes

This post delves into the extra challenges you face when attempting to run and orchestrate MongoDB in containers and illustrates how these challenges can be overcome.

Spring Cloud Series - Microservices using Spring Boot, Jersey, Swagger and Docker

This is the first of a few entries Spring Cloud Series covers on asimio blog. Learn how to develop Microservices using Spring Boot, Jersey, Swagger and Docker.

Planning Your Docker-Based Microservice Stack

How to plan a successful microservices architecture on Docker.


Is Microservices SOA Done Right?

In this webcast, Pivotal’s Matt Stine and Apigee’s Alan Ho discussed: Real-world examples of microservices best practices, Anti-patterns and traps for microservices, Recommendations on tools & technology to help with microservices implementations.

Surviving Microservices

This talk walks you through many of the failure modes you'll see in production, and provides practical advice for dealing with them. You won't be able to eradicate failure, but you can survive it!


Gestalt Framework

The Gestalt Framework’s infrastructure layer is used to host the gestalt integration services as well as client applications. The infrastructure layer is designed to make everything that runs inside it scalable and resilient.