Deep Dive on Microservices

Issue #24 | Apr 28, 2016


What is Docker networking?

Learn the basics of setting up Docker single-host networking.

Microservices Using Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Learn the value that building microservices with Cloud Foundry can bring to your application development process.

Microservices vs. SOA – What you need to know

Understanding the difference between Microservices and Service oriented architecture.

Is Rest Best in a Microservices Architecture

Author discuss why RESTful microservices are de facto standard today and how you can design your system differently.

Top 2 Features of Self-healing Microservices

With your microservice running, it is important to have the right tool in place for orchestration and having adequate monitoring in place.

A Docker Container Pattern

Jay Jonson shares approach of building a Docker container.

FollowFeed: LinkedIn's Feed Made Faster and Smarter

Read how Linkedin build infrastructure that could dynamically sieve through the content shared by a member’s network to deliver a list of relevant, ordered, and personalized content while satisfying all requirements of a highly available low-latency application.

Introduction to Apache Kafka

This article from Voxxed explains why would one prefer Kafka to a traditional JMS message broker.

Creating a microservices application in Bluemix using MQ Light messaging

Because messaging helps decouple the components of an application, a new application feature can be written to use messaging as a means of communicating with the existing application, and not require changes or downtime for the main application when the new feature is deployed.

Microservices, Containers, Docker and a Cloud-Native Architecture in the Middleware World

This session discusses the requirements, best practices and challenges for creating a good Microservices architecture in the middleware world.

QBit Microservice Lib adds support for Reakt Reactive Java Promise, Callbacks

Continuing on with Restful microservice example, author shows how you can mix Reakt's promises with the QBit microservices lib.

Datawire Release Fault Tolerant Microservice Communication Framework Datawire Connect

Datawire have released their open source Datawire Connect framework, which allows developers to ‘resiliently connect microservices’ using automatically generated RPC-style client libraries for Java, Python or NodeJS services.


Microservices for Java Architects

Microservices for Java Architects is a companion for the Java EE Architect’s Handbook that details Microservices Architectures. This eBook will define microservices and provide an overview of costs and benefits.


Understanding the Microservices Ecosystem

If you’re trying to navigate the emerging microservices ecosystem, this panel discussion will demystify the composition of the landscape, the role of various players within it and how best to extract value for your organization.

Deep Dive on Microservices and Amazon ECS

In this session, presenter will explore the reasoning and concepts behind microservices and how containers simplify building microservices based applications. He also demonstrates how you can easily launch microservices on Amazon EC2 Container Service and how you can use ELB and Route 53 to easily do service discovery between microservices."


Microservices - Martin Fowler

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Berlin 2014. Martin Fowler - Author, Speaker, Consultant & General Loud-mouth on Software Development


Developing and Managing Java-based Microservices with Kubernetes

Join this session to learn how to create a Java-based microservice using Spring Boot, containerize it using Maven plugins, and subsequently deploy a fleet of microservices onto a cluster of machines using Kubernetes.

Microservices conference

The API World 2016 Conference and Expo was created with the mission to be neutral and facilitate connections, knowledge, trust and business within the developer community of API providers and consumers. If you are a coder, a startup or an enterprise that consumes or provides multiple APIs this is your event.

Event date: Monday, September 12th, 2016. Location: 150 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95113.


Akka HTTP microservice example

This project demonstrates the Akka HTTP library and Scala to write a simple REST (micro)service.