A jorney into the madness of microservices

Issue #25 | May 6, 2016


5 Ways to NOT F**K Up Your Microservices in Production

The dark side of microservices: What can possibly go wrong?

A jorney into the madness of microservices

This is part one of a two-part series. This first part covers the background and rationale behind the decision to explore microservices and in the second part, we cover the specifics of tools, technologies and code to make it happen.

Real World Microservices: When Services Stop Playing Well and Start Getting Real

In this post, author shows you how some of the hardest operational problems in microservices—staging and canarying of deep services—can be solved by introducing the notion of routing to the RPC layer.

Tech Talk: My microservices are not all stateless!

Breakout Session: My microservices are not all stateless.

Software engineering daily

Software Engineering Daily features daily interviews about technical software topics.

Kafka Summit Edition

Last week, Confluent hosted Kafka Summit, the first ever conference to focus on Apache Kafka and stream processing. This article is overview of presented topics on conference.

Starting Dropwizard Microservices

What Is Dropwizard? Dropwizard provided the inspiration for spring boot. It is not a framework, but a collection of best-of-breed libraries and provides: ...out-of-the-box support for sophisticated configuration, application metrics, logging, operational tools, and much more...

Microservices Require Robust API Management

If you get your API wrong the first time around, it is really expensive to fix it. Read this article to learn how to avoid obstacles down the road.

Introducing Distributed Transaction Tracing for Microservices Monitoring

A Distributed Trace view for all of your transactions with error details.

Microservices for a Streaming World

Ben Stopford looks at the implications of mixing toolsets from the stream processing world into real-time business applications: how to effectively handle infinite streams, how to leverage a high throughput, persistent Log and deploy dynamic, fault tolerant, and streaming services.


The DevOps 2.0 Toolkit

Automating the Continuous Deployment Pipeline with Containerized Microservices


Tim Perry - Microservice Pipeline Architecture

"In this talk we look at microservice pipeline architecture and take a deep look inside the content pipeline powering BBC Newsbeat. We examine the architecture, tools and processes that make this effective, the benefits, and our solutions to all the new challenges microservices can bring in practice.

Josh Long — The Macro of Microservices

Keynote about microservices, devops and continuous development given by Josh Long.

Microservices in Production - Johan Haleby

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