Game On!

Issue #27 | May 26, 2016


A pattern language for microservices

The beginnings of a pattern language for microservice architectures.

Application Architecture

Game On! is an application composed of several microservices.

Tech Talk: Fighting the Good Fight at the Hot Gates of Microservices with Adrian Trenaman

ClusterHQ overview of from Microservices Day London.

Talk about Zalando's microservices architecture.

Developers are choosing Java for their intelligent IoT gateways

Recent survey data suggests that Java is gaining strength for development of embedded IoT applications.

How to build a secure realtime blogging app with and

Walthrough idea behind the realtime blogging CMS app. We started by building

Better streaming layouts for front-end microservices with Tailor

Learn a straightforward approach to frontend microservices with Tailor, a library that provides a middleware which you can integrate into any Node.js server.

Microservices Require Robust API Management

If you get your API wrong the first time around, it is really expensive to fix it.

Walking the Microservices Path Towards Loose Coupling? Look out for These Pitfalls

If you are trying to follow the microservices architecture, there are few practical challenges. This post discusses how you can handle some of those challenges.

Whirlpool: Microservices Using Netty And Kafka

Microservices Go Macro: the Rise of APIs


Microservices Tracing With Spring Cloud and Zipkin


Introducing: Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes

Part of Udacity new DevOps Nanodegree Program.


From Monolith to Microservices - Jonathan Doklovic

In this talk, you'll learn how to use modern technologies like Docker, Apache Mesos and Cassandra to build a platform to reduce complexity, automate lighting fast deployments and take advantage of load balancing, service discovery, health checks and self-healing apps all while reducing the costs of cloud infrastructure.



Manage your docker containers, images and networks in a nice and clean way.