Make Jar not War

Issue #3 | Dec 3, 2015


High-Concurrency HTTP Clients on the JVM

Why you should care about Quasar and Comsat when making lots of concurrent HTTP requests.

Techniques for Logging Microservices

Andre Newman is depicting methods for logging microservices and the tools that make them possible.

Microservices in the real world

Very succinct presentation of standard problems in monolith applications and how to solve those with microservices'.

Architecting Rails Apps as Microservices

Rails apps tend to be monolithic, but there’s no reason you can’t architect them as microservices.

How to Design Long-Lasting APIs

API design talk covering DDD and microservices.

Securing Microservices with Spring Cloud Security

Learn how to leverage OAuth2 and OpenID Connect with Spring Cloud Security.

Start building JVM microservices with DropWizard

Tutorial series for creating microservices on top DropWizard framework.

Deep Lessons From Google And EBay On Building Ecosystems Of Microservices

What does it looks like when you are in the polyglot microservices end state?

Microservices architecture: advantages and drawbacks

Microservices is a way of breaking large software projects into loosely coupled modules, which communicate with each other through simple APIs.

Example of Microservices in Python

Example of Microservices written using Flask.


Getting started with Spring Cloud by Josh Long

This is a deep dive on how to make connect and consume microservices, and is a natural next step after the introduction to building microservices with Spring Boot. Make jar not war!


Free webcast: Java EE Microservices Architecture

Red Hat Developer Advocate Markus Eisele explores the possibilities for enterprises that want to move ahead with microservice architecture.

Kafka Summit

The inaugural Kafka Summit is a full day conference to bring together the Apache Kafka community. Attendees will engage with experts, core committers, and leading production users of Kafka, stream processing frameworks, and related projects.


Microservices: From Theory to Practice

This IBM Redbooks publication gives a broad understanding and some real-life examples of how you can develop applications using the microservices approach with IBM Bluemix.

Microservices in .NET

Microservices in .NET shows you how to build and deploy secure and operations-friendly microservices using Nancy.

Flexible Software Architectures

This book shows you all you need to start with Microservices