Manufacturing and Microservices

Issue #31 | Jun 24, 2016


Microservices With Spring Boot, Axon CQRS/ES, and Docker

The Command and Query Responsibility Separation pattern, as it says, separates command from query so they can scale and evolve independently.

How Belly Scales Using API Proxies with their Microservices Architecture: Interview with Darby Frey

Learn more about how Heroku has helped Belly scale their business.

Five Ways to Not Mess Up Microservices in Production

Ealier this month Takipi's Alex Zhitnitsky wrote about five ways not to mess up microservices in production.

Wiring Microservices with Spring Cloud

During the course of this article author looked at a variety of approaches for wiring microservices together.

Microservice Threading Models and their Tradeoffs

Choosing the right threading model for your micro-services and how it relates to database connectivity can mean the difference between a solution that’s good enough and a product that’s amazing.

Microservices Best Practices

In this article, author will explain some microservices best practices suggested by Michele Titolo (Capital One) from her talk at DockerCon 2016.

Serverless Architectures: Monoliths, Nanoservices, Microservices & Hybrids

GorillaStack team talks about benefits of microservices.

JSON Web Tokens With Spring Cloud Microservices

There are several options when considering auth in Microservices, but this blog will specifically focus on using JSON Web Tokens.

Reducing Microservice complexity with Kafka and Reactive Streams

This is talk from Scala Days 2016 in New York about complexity using Apache Kafka and Reactive Streams.

In Brief

A Perl toolchain for building micro-services at scale

Why RESTful communication between microservices can be perfectly fine

Who is using Microservices

Application Decomposition using Microservices – An Overview


Manufacturing and Microservices with Cimpress Jim

If you work at a big company with some monolithic characteristics, this episode might give you some good arguments to bring to your manager about why and how to move to microservices.


Enabling Microservices with Domain Driven Design and Ports & Adapters

Declan Whelan discusses how to use DDD to wrap microservices around the most important concepts in a system, using ports and adapters to decouple the core domain from persistence and other services.


Microservices Design and Patterns

Are you designing microservices-based applications? Join this course for a closer look at the basic patterns that are required.

Microservices TV Episode 12: Microservices in the Wild

Get started with Microservices tutorials from developerWorks.


The Practice of Cloyd System Administration

Understand the new software engineering implications of cloud administration.


Should we pool database connection in microservice architecture?