Issue #32 | Jul 1, 2016


API versioning methods, a brief reference

This post lists the most common methods in use to version your API.

Microservices using WildFly Swarm, Docker and Couchbase

This blog post will explain a simple microservices stack using WildFly Swarm, Docker, and Couchbase.

Implementing HAL hypermedia REST API using Spring HATEOAS

To use or not to use hypermedia (HATEOAS) in a REST API?

Beef Up Your Microservices With API Management

3Scale summarized their microservices recommendations in this white paper.

Microservice Design and Integration

Warewolf allows developers to use a visual, flow-based, drag and drop environment to design and create microservices, and then call those microservices from directly within their applications.

Creating a scalable API with microservices

Deploy and run multiple services in a kubernetes cluster.

Building Microservices - Designing Fine-grained Systems

This article reviews the "Building Microservices" book by Sam Newman while highlighting the key takeaways from each chapter.

MicroProfile – Collaborating to bring Microservices to Enterprise Java

Make it easier for developers to use familiar Java EE technologies and APIs for building microservice applications.

4 ways to exploit microservices architecture for better app sec

There are four key security benefits that microservices enable, and security professionals should start to recognize how this architecture addresses traditional security challenges very well.

NVIDIA Docker: GPU Server Application Deployment Made Easy

Demonstration on how you can use NVIDIA Docker to run today's most popular deep learning applications and frameworks including DIGITS, Caffe, and TensorFlow.


Geek Lounge - Ed 1 | Martin Fowler

Panel discussion with Martin Fowler on Microservices & Refactoring


Virtual Microservices Practitioner Summit

On July 13, a number of microservice practitioners will speak about their experiences migrating to microservices from legacy monoliths.