Issue #33 | Jul 8, 2016


Goldilocks Microservices

How to structure microservices by Peter Lawrey.

Good Bye Javaee Monolith - Part 1

First blog in series about Microservice HA infrastructure.

Good Bye Javaee Monolith - Part 2

Blog post on how to provide a microservice that leverages the standard Linux services and administrative features

Tech Talk: Modeling Microservices at Spotify with Petter Måhlén

This is talk about modelling microservices

Spring Framework REST API validation – are you doing it correctly?

Implementing a good validation pattern is important for writing clean business code. In this post, author is going to explore such a validation pattern.

Microservices Security Receipt: Data at rest Encryption and Tokenization

Tracing In Microservices With Spring Cloud Sleuth

One of the problems developers encounter as their microservice apps grow is tracing requests that propagate from one microservice to the next. Spring Cloud Sleuth is meant to help with this exact problem.


Microservices with JHipster 3

Dennis Sharpe will show how to create microservices fast and right with JHipster.


Virtual Microservices Practitioner Summit

July 13th, 9AM-4PM. The Microservices Practitioner Summit is a forum of pragmatic advice from microservices practitioners who have adopted microservices at scale at leading tech companies. No theory, just best practices from the real world.


sofe - Service Oriented Front-end

Sofe allows developers to avoid building monolothic front-end web applications and instead build software on top of micro-services. Sofe is a JavaScript library that enables independently deployable JavaScript services to be retrieved at run-time in the browser.