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Issue #34 | Jul 15, 2016


The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data

Using Spring Boot/Dropwizard/Docker doesn’t mean you’re doing microservices. Taking a hard look at your domain and your data will help you get to microservices.

Learn Microservices in Java

Microservices patterns to support building systems that are tolerant of failure.

Security Enforcement of the Microservices

Patterns that you can implement within your project in order to secure your Microservices.

Rewriting uber engineering: The Opportunities microservices provide

Learn valuable lessons from Uber engineers and their jorney from monolithic to microservices architecture.

Four Tips for Logging Microservices

Learn about the importance of logging within microservices architecture and four tips that will increase the performance of your applications.

Elastic Scaling in Kafka Streams

Article about Kafka Streams, the new stream processing library of the Apache Kafka project.

Microservices with Hazelcast

Learn what it’s like to use Hazelcast as the backbone of your Microservices architecture.

An Introduction to Computer Networks

Must read for anyone interested in learning basics about networking.

How We Solved Authentication and Authorization in Our Microservices Architecture

Fast transaction log

Jabbering from the Engine room.

Allocation on the JVM: Down the rabbit hole

How much memory does this function allocate per call?


The Dark Side of Micro-Services (Nicolas Fränkel, Switzerland)

Everybody is talking about them and telling how they will save your projects and your organization. However, nobody is telling you about the cost of implementing microservices. =


Virtual Microservices Practitioner Summit

July 13th, 9AM-4PM. The Microservices Practitioner Summit is a forum of pragmatic advice from microservices practitioners who have adopted microservices at scale at leading tech companies. No theory, just best practices from the real world.


Token authentication system using Node, Mongo, React, Redux


Distributed systems for fun and profit