Issue #35 | Aug 5, 2016


Microservices in Spring Boot, a Screencast

This Spring Boot tutorial screencast demonstrates many of the critical functions how microservices communicate with each other, including how microservice architectures use tokens.

A Good Microservices Architecture = Death of the Enterprise Service Bus

This article is about the challenges, requirements and best practices for creating a good microservices architecture, and what role an ESB plays in this game.

HTTP to HTTPS Migration

Questions from news publishers related to HTTP to HTTPS site moves, but some of the answers are relevant to all webmasters who are considering going secure.

Have your own Microservices playground

Instagram Engineering’s 3 rules to a scalable cloud application architecture

3.5 billion likes. Billion with a 'b'. Every single day. Instagram has been a runaway success from day 1. With the Instagram Engineering team solving challenge after challenge, to now serve up 80 million photos or videos daily.

Ratpack + Spring Boot + Async PostgreSQL

This is a demonstration of a Ratpack application that leverages Spring Boot and makes an asynchronous database call to PostgreSQL.

An API-first approach for cloud-native app development

Kevin Hoffman adds the concept of API first to the original 12 factors of app development.

Vaughn Vernon on Microservices and Domain-Driven Design

Presentation summary.

Netflix Billing Migration to AWS - Part III

Netflix team provides in depth explanation on how they have migrated their billing infrastructure to cloud.

Microservices: Pros and Cons of Mono repos


Microservices Network Architecture 101

Watch this webinar and learn about Microservices Network Architecture.

Why go containers?

Will Stern explains the advantages of containerized architectures.

Data Modelling in Cassandra

Lesson Learnt with Data Modelling in Cassandra at RoZetta Technology


Architecture Microservices Jhipster


Scaling github with Sam Lambert

Sam Lambert explains the value of maintaining a Rails monolith as the frontend of github, and the other battle-tested tools that github uses.


How To Train Your Microservice

This session will review the efforts that took place in both the initial phases which incorporated targeted parts of the Spring Framework, as well as more current efforts that leveraged Spring projects such as Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Cloud.

Building a high performing real time query engine without a cache/database layer

With Flink and Kafka, we were able to help our client build a low latency query engine to get real time access to user generated event logs with a limited but configurable history-span.