Let's Encrypt

Issue #37 | Aug 18, 2016


Spring Boot Secured By Let's Encrypt

How to use the Let's Encrypt tool with Spring Boot to generate HTTPS certificates and automatically renew them.

A New Trilogy: The Enterprise Architect's Intro to Microservices

This post consolidates all three webinar about microservices and reactive architectures presentations in a single place.

Domain Driven Design for Services Architecture

This piece is about making choices for software design. Particularly about larger systems which could potentially be separated into multiple deployables in the form of service endpoints.

How Mashape Manages Over 15,000 APIs & Microservices

Mashape powers API-driven software. Hundreds of thousands of developers use our tools to manage, monitor, consume and provide APIs to their partners, apps, customers and employees. In fact, billions of API requests are processed through Mashape's Marketplace every month.

Microservices: Real Architectural Patterns

A dissection of our favorite folk architecture

Services, APIs and Microservices – Part 3

How would you implement changing an address across your entire information system given your current architecture?

Why have big companies like Amazon and Netflix adopted Microservices?

Large corporations are frantically adopting the Microservices architecture (MSA) model. So what is the buzz all about?

Introducing Microservices iQ

Microservices iQ is a new intelligent application performance engine, that enables enterprises to efficiently manage microservice based application.

Distributed Transaction Management in a Microservices Architecture

Distributed transaction management is a key architectural consideration that needs to be addressed whenever you are proposing a microservices deployment model to a customer.

How PayPal Scaled To Billions Of Transactions Daily Using Just 8VMs

How did Paypal take a billion hits a day system that might traditionally run on a 100s of VMs and shrink it down to run on 8 VMs?

On Orchestrated Microservices


Deploying And Scaling Microservices by Sam Newman

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2016

Playlist - Microservices Manchester 2016

Over 100 people showed up at the Victoria Warehouse near Manchester’s trendy Salford Quays for a day discussing the realities of implementing microservice systems.

Lessons Learned on Uber's Journey into Microservices


Microservices Manchester: Serverless Architectures By Rafal Gancarz

Rafal Gancarz presents how a future could look like based on currently available AWS stack (Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, Kinesis, CloudWatch and more).


How Combatant Gentlemen Solved Service Discovery Using Heroku Private Spaces


Microservices in the Apache Kafka Ecosystem

This webinar will be live and will include a brief Q&A session. The session will be recorded.