The Art of Monitoring

Issue #38 | Aug 28, 2016


Microservices Dashboard Reference Guide

Microservices Dashboard is a simple application to visualize links between microservices and the encompassing ecosystem.

Service Explosion

How Hootsuite Manages Its Growing Microservices Landscape by Adam Arsenault.

Microservices Gone Wild – Tech Dive Part 1

In this short series of posts, author will look at what microservices are, why you might want them and go through a demonstration where a simple monolithic application will be broken into containerized microservices.

The Art of Monitoring in the Age of Microservices

Q&A with James Turnbull chief technology officer for Kickstarter.

QUIC protocol: moving the web from TCP to UDP

The QUIC protocol (Quick UDP Internet Connections) is an entirely new protocol for the web developed on top of UDP instead of TCP.

30K Page Views for $0.21: A Serverless Story

Fantasy Movie League observations from an obsessed nerd.

The event queue design pattern

The event queue is an important design pattern to help prying apart a monolith application. It delays the sending of events to a point in the execution flow where it is safe to publish them.

TCP Puzzlers

It's been said that we don't really understand a system until we understand how it fails. This article goes into some deep principles on how TCP works.

The importance of fake microservices

In this article author reveals how you can get a kick-start towards a microservice architecture by means of fake microservices.


Encryption and Key Management in AWS

This session will discuss the options available for encrypting data at rest and key management in AWS.


The Art of Monitoring

A hands-on introductory book on the art of modern application and infrastructure monitoring and metrics.



An open-source serverless computing platform.


Webinar: NATS for Modern Messaging and Microservices

The NATS team will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, August 30th at 2PM Eastern Time.