The Icebergs of Microservices

Issue #39 | Sep 5, 2016


Building Spring Cloud Microservices That Strangle Legacy Systems

In this article, author will explore building cloud-native microservices that still need to integrate with legacy systems.

Distributed Transactions: The Icebergs of Microservices

Distributed transactions are icebergs: they can be hard to see, and they can sink your ship.

Microservices with Vert.x – a match made in heaven

In the post you’ll learn how to set up a Microservices Architecture using Vert.x

Microservices: Real Architectural Patterns

This article is going to have two examples. The first is the rough way "microservices" in authors last gig. The second is an example of an architecture that is much closer to the "beautiful dream" microservices.

A Simple Introduction to Microservices

Succinct introduction to microservices.


Building Microservices with Spring Boot

This book is designed to give you the complete picture of how you can build microservices with Spring Boot.


Gallan - Adventures in Cheap Little Microservices for Internal Tooling

Neal Ford - Building Microservice Architectures

Microservices at Netflix Scale: Principles, Tradeoffs & Lessons Learned


Distributed Transactions: The Icebergs of Microservices