The Force Awakens

Issue #4 | Dec 11, 2015


Soundcloud and BFF Pattern - Backend For Frontends

SoundCloud embarked on a journey a few years ago that changed their system and moved it from a monolithic Rails application towards an ecosystem of microservices.

This is How Microservices Will Help You Develop Better Products

Companies like Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, and Netflix have adopted a microservices approach. Once you reach a certain scale, for us it was 600,000 lines of code, creating one massive application becomes overwhelming.

How to load-balance microservices at web-scale

Can you load-balance microservices at web-scale? Here's how the big players do it.

A Cloud Gateway at Netflix By Moldfarm and CloudExpo Cloud

How a gateway can be used to enhance continuous deployment and help testing of new service versions and get service insights.

Event-Driven Data Management for Microservices

Learn how an event-driven microservices architecture solves the distributed data management challenges caused by separate per-service datastores.

Docker and microservices introduce new operational hurdle

Containers and microservices bring flexibility and speed to development environments -- but they can also be a headache for IT operations teams.

Re-architecting on the Fly #OReillySACon

This workshop should arm you with a framework by which to approach your own decisions around how to manage, maintain, and evolve your own systems.

Microservices: The Essential Practices

Article is explaining pros and cons of monolithic vs microservice approach.

Microservices without the Servers

Tim Wagner, AWS Lambda General Manager created an image processing microservice, deployed it to multiple regions, built a mobile app that used it as a backend, added an HTTPS-based API using Amazon API Gateway and a website, and then unit and load tested it, all without using any servers.

Building Microservices: Inter-Process Communication in a Microservices Architecture

This is the third article in NGINX series about building applications with a microservices architecture.

Building a microservices architecture with spring boot and docker, PART IV

This is the fourth blog post in a 4-part series on building a microservice architecture with Spring Boot and Docker.

Microservices, DevOps and PaaS - The Impact on Modern Java EE Architecture

InfoQ recently sat down with Markus Eisele, developer advocate at Red Hat, at the Devoxx BE conference, and asked about his thoughts on implementing microservice architectures within large-scale enterprise organisations.

Microservices migration: How Elsevier took on its monolith

Mendeley uses a REST API that returns JSON-formatted data, uses OAuth 2.0 for authorization, and receives about 20 million API requests a day.

How To Do Microservices with Node.js

Very short but helpful tutorial on how microservices can be developed with Node js.

How Jet Build Microservices with F#

Technical team behind Jet, explains how are they leveraging F# to create microservices.

Choosing an HTTP Status Code — Stop Making It Hard

Very good article on how to use HTTP Status codes in your application.

Verizon puts 50,000 Docker containers to work on a massive IoT cluster

IoT is becoming real, but it demands serious infrastructure, as a peek inside Verizon's newest cloud shows.

Letsencrypt and docker.sock access

Configure free letsencrypt TLS/SSL certs.


Microservice Sample

Sample project that is created to support book on microservices written by Eberhard Wolff and published by leanpub. The services are implemented in Java using Spring and Spring Cloud.

Microserver project

Microserver is a Java 8 native, zero configuration, standards based, battle hardened library to run Java Rest Microservices via a standard Java main class. Supporting pure Microservice or Micro-monolith styles.


Principles Of Microservices by Sam Newman

Sam Newman presentation on Devoxx in Belgium on microservices basics.

Six principles for building fault tolerant microservices on the JVM by Christopher Batey

This talk will take you through all the ways you can build fault-tolerant applications and how, once you get your team in the mindset that everything will eventually fail, dealing with the failures gracefully is no more work than building fragile applications.


Applying DDD for effective microservices

In this workshop Russ Miles will demonstrate and implement the DDD patterns that are applicable to building great microservice based systems.

Microservices and Cloud Native Apps - SF Bay Area

This meetup group is for folks building cloud applications and interested in continuous delivery, scalability, and resiliency of software. The topics will cover best practices, challenges, and solutions for development and operations of microservices-based cloud native applications.

Containers 101 online meetup

In this online meetup we will discuss and share the benefits of Docker containers on the Dev teams, what are the implications, best practices and more.


Microservices - Flexible Software Architectures

New microservices book written by Eberhard Wolff.