The State of the Union

Issue #40 | Sep 12, 2016


Benchmarking Microservices for Fun and Profit

In this blog, Sumo Logic describes their approach to benchmarking microservices.

Microservices in the Apache Kafka Ecosystem

In this presentation, Ben Stopford, Engineer, Confluent discusses the world of Microservices in the streaming world.

Microservices: The State of the Union

Here are some concerns from the pooled intelligence at QCon.

Why You Need API Management?

A strong security backed API management is needed to leverage the seamless utility it offers.

Microservices and the monolith

In this post, SoundCloud team talks about the conditions and strategy required to decommission our monolith.

Monitoring Apache Kafka with Grafana / InfluxDB via JMX

In this post author shows how easy it is to retrieve metrics from Kafka, send them to InfluxDB and use Grafana for visualisation.

Putting Apache Kafka To Use: A Practical Guide to Building a Stream Data Platform (Part 2)

This guide will contain specific advice on how to go about building a stream data platform in your organization.

uMirrorMaker: Uber Engineering's robust Kafka replicator

In this article, Uber dev team describe uMirrorMaker, Uber’s open source solution for replicating Apache Kafka data in a robust and reliable manner.

Event-driven Microservices Using RabbitMQ

Building integrated messaging solutions for banks


Interview Eberhard Wolff - Microservices Summit


Microservices: The Emerging Standard

In this episode, Coté and Richard Seroter discuss how leaders like Netflix solved their problems arising from complex, distributed systems, and review how Spring Cloud projects are taking these lessons learned and helping admins around the globe.

Microservice Architecture with Michele Titolo


User interface and process that involves asynchronous communication between several microservices