Issue #41 | Sep 23, 2016


An A to Z Guide on How Microservices can Drastically Improve Your Business Efficiency

Your business is growing bigger. But are you sure that your existing business implementation can perfectly cater to the increasing number of clients?

The infrastructure behind Twitter: efficiency and optimization

In this infrastructure series, twitter engineering team will focus on the core infrastructure and components that run Twitter.

Zuul 2 : The Netflix Journey to Asynchronous, Non-Blocking Systems

NetFlix engineering team made major architectural changes to ZUUL. Read more in the article.

Performance and Availability pitfalls in the Microservices Architecture

You can go through these questions and ask yourself whether your system is safe or vulnerable in that area.

Monitoring Microservices (Part I)

Discovery: Putting the Puzzle Together.

The Coming Microservices Cataclysm (And How to Avoid It)

Are microservices just "SOA done right"?

Distributed Systems and the End of the API

Microservice Architecture Fortified for Real-Time Communications

A strong backend spine will lead to more dynamic, scalable, and manageable deployment strategies for real-time communications and collaboration.

Microservices – Definition, Principles and Benefits

Author examines "must have" principles of a microservice.


From Monolith to Microservices

In this talk presenter will share some lessons - these include both successes and failures - which were often difficult to digest.

Cloud Native Microservices with Spring Cloud

Are you interested in Spring Cloud ? Join this talk by Conor Svensson to learn more!

Microservices: A utopian mystery


What if I Told You You’re Already Doing Microservices?

Learn to split a codebase with the skills you already have.


Synchronous communication microservices