The Journey

Issue #42 | Oct 6, 2016


Jimmy to Microservices

The Journey One Year Later.

Using access tokens to secure microservices

This sample application demonstrates how to use OpenID Connect and access tokens to secure an application that makes calls to other applications on behalf of the user.

Real World Microservices: When Services Stop Playing Well and Start Getting Real

Author shows how some of the hardest operational problems in microservices—staging and canarying of deep services—can be solved by introducing the notion of routing to the RPC layer.

Microservices, here I come

Microservices architectural overview by Piotr Gankiewicz.

Why Spring is Winning the Microservices Game

The main goal of the series is to investigate what makes certain libraries so good at enabling microservices architecture.

The Five Principles of Monitoring Microservices

Monitoring is a critical piece of the control systems of microservices, as the more complex your software gets, the harder it is to understand its performance and troubleshoot problems.

New in Spring 5: Functional Web Framework

The second milestone of Spring Framework 5.0 introduced a new functional web framework.

Microservices: Real Architectural Patterns

A dissection of our favorite folk architecture.


Spring Microservices in Action

Spring Microservices in Action teaches you how to use the Spring Boot and Spring Cloud frameworks to build and deploy microservice-based cloud applications.


Interview: Adrian Cockcroft

Talking microservices with the man who made Netflix’s cloud famous.


WebSockets, Reactive APIs and Microservices

Todd Montgomery investigates if WebSockets, HTTP/2, Reactive Streams and microservices can deliver the high scalability, resiliency, and ease of development promised.

The Container Revolution: Reflections After the First Decade

How has the container ecosystem evolved over the past 10 years and where do we go from here as we look toward the future of infrastructure?

Low Latency Microservices in Java

Peter Lawrey discusses the differences between microservices and monolith architectures, their relative benefits and disadvantages, patterns and strategies implementing low latency microservices.

Video: What I Wish I Had Known Before Scaling Uber

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Chicago 2016.


The Role of API Gateways in Microservices