Issue #45 | Oct 28, 2016


HTTP headers forwarding in microservices

Technical article showing how you can trace HTTP request in Spring framework.

Microservices in Flask

Simple example on how you can implement microservices with Flask.

What is Apache Kafka?

Why is it so popular? Should you use it?

Our journey to microservices: mono repo vs multiple repositories

How do you organize your codebase? Do you create a repository for each service, or do you create a single ‘mono repo’ for all services?

Instant Messaging at LinkedIn

Scaling to Hundreds of Thousands of Persistent Connections on One Machine.

Are your microservices optimized for speed?

Author shows in brief what are common roadblocks in implementing microservices architectures.

Hot Reconfiguration of Microservices

Spring Cloud Kubernetes is a fantastic project from the Fabric8 team that contains a lot of useful tools for building spring-boot based microservices.

Containers are a lie

Containers are a useful abstraction, just like TCP connections are. But they don’t exist, as such.

Normalizing communication in a microservice architecture

This is the first installation of a series discussing the standardization of microservice development.

Monitoring Microservices (Part III)

Investigate: Troubleshooting with Machine Intelligence

Building a Secure, Fast Network Fabric for Microservices Applications

Article is about how to build a fast, secure network system using NGINX.

In Brief

Welcoming Adrian Cockcroft to the AWS Team

Microservices Ecosystem Transit Map



A Standard Library for Microservices.


IBM - Crafting the Cloud: Challenges with Microservices, Part 2

Matt Heath - Microservices in Go