Transactions in Microservices

Issue #46 | Nov 4, 2016


Transactions in Microservices

Take a look at how a microservice model can apply to everyday transactions.

Service discovery at Stripe

Stripe team about the challenges they ran into along the way and what they did about them.

Microservices With AngularJS, Spring Boot, and Kafka

Asynchronous end-to-end calls starting from the view layer to the backend is important in a microservices architecture because there is no guarantee that the containers which receive the calls will handle the response.

Building Microservices application on AWS

Main challenges of building Microservices, and description how product teams can leverage AWS to overcome those challenges.

Microservices: The accidental architecture

The decreasing cost of implementing Microservices.

Using Microservices to Encode and Publish Videos

How New York Times engineering team created microservices architecture combined with the benefits of the Go programming language.

Bad Microservice patterns in .NET

Andreas Grabner @grabnerandi shows Automatic Problem Detection feature in Dynatrace AppMon.

Java EE Microservices

This workshop focuses on creation, deployment, robustness, monitoring and communication of reasonable WARs using nothing but vanilla Java EE 7, Java 8 and Docker.

Real Time Data Visualization With MongoDB, Kafka, D3.js, and Node.js

Article about home grown real time data visualization suite that is based on Kafka, MongoDB, Node.js, and D3.js

In Brief

Combining Spring Boot and JDBI

The Building Blocks for a Digital Future

Application caching at Netflix: The hidden microservice

Building microservices with Vert.X


Microservices testing examples

This project aims to provide examples of how to test microservices.


Simple Rust Microservices.


Legion is a framework for writing distributed, homogeneous, stateful microservices in Haskell.

Pragmatic Microservices

Hands-on lab demonstrating how to create pragmatic microservices with Java EE and WildFly Swarm.


Patterns and practices for real-world event-driven microservices


Sharing data between isolated microservices