Event Sourcing and CQRS

Issue #47 | Nov 17, 2016

Microservices with Event Storming and DDD

Going "Events-First" for Microservices with Event Storming and DDD.

Javier Lopez and Mihail Vieru spoke at Reactive Summit 2016 Conference earlier this month about cloud-based data integration and distribution platform used for stream processing in business intelligence use cases.

Distributed Logging Architecture in the Container Era

In a containerized world, we must think differently about logging.

When to avoid CQRS

Most people using CQRS (and Event Sourcing too) shouldn’t have done so. Should we really go back to N-Tier?

Patterns: Event sourcing

Reliably publish events whenever state changes by using Event Sourcing. Event Sourcing persists each business entity as a sequence of events, which are replayed to reconstruct the current state.

Service discovery for microservices

Overview of service discovery pattern.

Microservices with Distributed Actor Systems

How a fundamental abstraction streamlines, simplifies and speeds up developing a web scale system.

Service ownership and linked data

Another great post about linked data.

Session replication for springboot apps

Author shows how trivial session clustering is to implement from a coding perspective but also how this can radically change the application architecture for the web tier.

Spring Tips: Spring Cloud Stream

Look at how to build messaging-based microservices using Spring Cloud Stream.

Automate letsencrypt certificates

Use and automate letsencrypt certificates (ACME) in an high-availability environment.

Code Your First Microservice in an Hour

Datawire team shows how Microservices Development Kit (MDK) can be used to develop your first microservice.


Go + microservices

Go microservices workshop example project.

Application sample: Micro Company

Rest-full, Hipermedia-based distributed application. Spring boot & cloud. CQRS. Eventsourcing. Axonframework. Microservices. Docker.

In Brief

Simplify exception handling in JAX-RS

TDD for APIs in a Microservice World

What Are Change Notifications?


Martin Kleppmann - Transactions: Myths, Surprises and Opportunities

Modern Linux service isolation

Roland Kuhn - Distributed Systems vs Compositionality


Microservices Practitioner Summit

Join fellow developers and architects on January 31st in San Francisco for a full day of talks with pragmatic advice from microservices practitioners who have adopted microservices at scale at leading cloud companies.