Netflix OSS

Issue #48 | Nov 24, 2016


Spring Boot and Netflix Infrastructure

Spring Cloud integrates the Netflix components in the spring environment in a very nice way using auto configuration and convention over configuration similar to how Spring Boot works.

Spring Boot and Netflix OSS

An adventure into microservices.

Microservices Migration: Lessons Learned

Read how Andela migrated their monolithic application to microservices architecture.

Using CQRS with Event Sourcing

Using CQRS with Event Sourcing or – what’s wrong with CRUD?

Why Do Microservices Need an API Gateway

With the growth of API-centric IT initiatives, API gateways and management layers are common place. Should we consider an API gateway for microservices?

Spring Kafka Producer/Consumer sample

Spring Kafka provides an abstraction to raw Kafka Producer and Consumer API's that is easy to use and is familiar to someone with a Spring background.

Tracing in Microservices With Spring Cloud Sleuth

Follow along to gain some insight into tracing requests that span multiple microservices in the Spring Cloud ecosystem.

Docker Container Anti-Patterns

This blog will explain 10 containers anti-patterns.

Easy Consumption of Microservices

Ted Tollefson and Shawn Sherwood cover the steps needed to extend Initializr to accomplish easy microservice consumption.

Serverless Architecture in short

BaaS and FaaS should be used together.

SAP to Unveil SAP HANA 2

Next-Generation Platform for Digital Transformation to Help IT Balance Agility and Stability.

The Enterprise Ready SaaS Feature Guides

Created for people who build SaaS products (founders, product managers and engineering team leads) to change the enterprise software narrative from "how to SELL to the enterprise" to "how to BUILD for the enterprise".

Asynchronous processing with in-memory databases

How to handle one million transactions per second on a single CPU core.

5 Patterns for Better Microservices Architecture

This post explains how to build an optimal microservices environment by adhering to some basic principles.

In Brief

Moving from monoliths to lambda functions

Concurrency Throttling in Node.js


CQRS and Event Sourcing with Jakub Pilimon

Netflix's Edge Gateway Using Zuul

DDD & REST - Domain Driven APIs for the web

Managing Quality of Service for Containerized Microservice Applications


Microservices with Rafi Schloming

Interview with Rafael Schloming, who is building tools for microservices at Datawire.