Netflix Conductor

Issue #50 | Dec 22, 2016


Microservice Design Patterns

This blog will discuss some of the recommended patterns on how to compose microservices together.

Microservice Architectures With Spring Cloud and Docker

How to set up a microservice architecture using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Docker, and some of Netflix's open source tools.

API Gateway

Nice write-up about API Gateway in microservices architecture.

Kafka – A great choice for large scale event processing

Clairvoyant team shares their experience with using Kafka as a core part of architecture in a production environment.

Microservices vs. Small Services vs. Just-Right Services

It's not a matter of everything microservices or nothing. There is a lot of gray area. We need more best practices around when you can and can't write a microservice.

Notes On Creating Microservices Based Applications

This post is a collection of tips and notes.

Netflix Conductor

Netflix open-sources Conductor, a microservices orchestration engine.

Getting Started With Microservices

Design Patterns for Decomposing the Monolith.

TDD of Python microservices

To have a successful microservice-based project you might want to start testing early on, shorten the engineering cycles, and provide a more sane workplace for the developers.

So I’ve been doing microservices

Microservices newbie shares his experiences.

REST in Peace

Microservices vs monoliths in real-life examples.

In Brief

Lessons Learned from the Haufe Dev Microservices Architecture Day

Splitting a monolith into microservices

Tools to Monitor and Visualize Microservices Architecture

How Dropbox securely stores your passwords


Netflix Conductor

Conductor is an orchestration engine that runs in the cloud.

Apache NiFi

An easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.

Light Java

The fastest and most productive microservices framework available.


Going Reactive: Building Better Microservices

Harness the power of HTTP headers to secure your web apps

Journey to APIs and Microservices

HTTP Load Balancing With Docker and nginx


Microservices From Day One

Build robust and scalable software from the start.



The Microservices Conference in Berlin.


Netflix Conductor: A microservices orchestrator