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Issue #52 | Jan 12, 2016


A pattern language for microservices

The beginnings of a pattern language for microservice architectures.

Real-time Smart City Traffic Monitoring

Using Microservices-based Streaming Architecture for Real-time Smart City Traffic Monitoring.

Building a CQRS/ES web application in Elixir using Phoenix

Case study describing how Segment Challenge was built following a Command Query Responsibility Segregation and event sourcing pattern.

Microservices and Data Consistency

Succinct article about data consistency issues in distributed systems.

Microservices with Spring Boot

Short tutorial on how to create MSA with Spring Boot.

JWT, some worth noticing points

This article does not aim at stating definitive rules regarding the use of JWT but at pointing a few properties of JWT that seem to be underused.

DevOps as Microservices Readiness

Before moving Microservices, you need to check if you are ready for Microservices. Author will discuss about DevOps element of MSA and how to prepare for it.

Microservices 101

Basics about MSA.

Protobuf Alternative to REST for Microservices

When JSON appears to be inefficient, Protocol Buffers can be a viable option...but how viable, exactly?

10 Lessons in Microservices: a Utopian Mystery

Praveena Fernandes talks about lessons learned from the wild.

Monolith to Microservices – A Platform Transformation

Functional capabilities, technologies and tools required to create a successful transition to Microservices.

Containers from Scratch

Article gives an intro to containers without Docker or rkt.

Continuous Delivery of a Microservice Architecture

A Comprehensive Tutorial for Beginners.

Microservices Architecture Explained to Your Mom

There is no technology out there so complex that it can’t be explained to the average layperson.

Moving to Microservices: Highlights from NGINX

Moving to a microservices-based architecture? Take a look at some cornerstone posts from NGINX on how to achieve your goal.

Building Microservices? Here is what you should know

MSA issues and resolutions.

Microservices Project Management Career

This Microservices career insight guide is part of the Digital Leadership Series written by Angel Berniz.

In Brief

Beyond agile: It is time to adopt microservices

Detecting the N+1 Asynchronous Thread Problem Pattern


Optimizing Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture.


Dashboard for visualizing Spring Boot microservices and the components they link to.


Building Resilient and Evolutionary Data Microservices

The Hard Truths about Microservices and Software Delivery

Microservices Meetup Munich with Chris Richardson



Brussels / 4 & 5 February 20 - Linux Containers and Microservices devroom.