Issue #54 | Jan 27, 2016


Microservices with Spring Boot

In this Microservices with Spring Boot tutorial author will discuss on creating a microservices with spring.

Using microservices to power fashion search and discovery

In this post, Zalando’s Dmitry Kolesnikov discusses the company’s principles for microservice development of stateful solutions such as fashion search and discovery.

Microservices architecure

Brief article about basics of microservices architecture.

Getting Started with Spring Cloud

Diving Deeper into "Getting Started with Spring Cloud".

Developing Transactional Microservices Using Aggregates, Event Sourcing and CQRS - Part 2

Author describes how a key challenge with using events is atomically updating an aggregate and publishing an event.

The Difference between Web Services and Micro Services

This blog gives more details about layered architecture and the difference between Web Services and Micro Services.

Messaging Patterns for Event-Driven Microservices

Here are some best-of-breed asynchronous integration patterns for microservices, implemented with open-source solutions.

What are Microservices? Costs and Benefits

This article will explain what microservices are and their costs and benefits. We will show that although the underlying principles are nothing new, they do provide a convention for good software development practices.

Microservices with Netflix Hystrix Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker design pattern overview with TIBCO BWCE.

Microservices Are Here to Stay

If you're doing microservices at scale, using a cloud-native platform is a must. If you're using pre-microservices techniques, it'll hit you back.

Difference between Microservices Architecture and SOA

Very short note about differences between MSA and SOA.

Nine questions to ask when (continuously) deploying microservices

If you want to do continuous deployment of microservices (or of any cloud application), what questions do you need to answer?


Database centric applications with Spring Boot and jOOQ


The Art of Scalability

Scalable Web Architecture, Processes, and Organizations for the Modern Enterprise.


A Netflix Guide to Microservices

Implementing Config Server and extending it

Spring Boot at PayPal