From zero to (micro)-hero

Issue #55 | Feb 2, 2016


Processing billions of events/day

Plumbr is operating in analytics/monitoring space where Agents deployed next to the monitored nodes capture the information about how users interact with the monitored systems.

On Eventual Consistency and REST

How to ensure "Read your own writes" when the read model is asynchronously updated?

Cloud-Native Middleware Microservices with Hystrix

Circuit Breaker Design Pattern for Resilient Microservice Architectures.

Distributed Logging Architecture in the Container Era

Containers and Microservices are great, but they cause big problems with logging. You should do what Docker does: Use Fluentd.

Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Building Reactive Systems

This is a summary of the talk "A Pragmatic View of Reactive" on ScalaDays Amsterdam.

Building Event-driven Microservices Using CQRS and Serverless

This blog series will introduce you to building event-driven microservices as cloud-native applications.

Best Practices on Migrating from a Data Warehouse to a Big Data Platform

Offloading cold or unused data and ETL workloads from a data warehouse to Hadoop/big data platforms is a very common starting point for enterprises beginning their big data journey.

Real-time Smart City Traffic Monitoring Using Microservices-based Streaming Architecture

Modern Open Source Complex Event Processing For IoT.

Vert.x - From zero to (micro)-hero

Let’s start from the beginning…?. Vert.x. What’s Vert.x?

Driving Healthcare Innovation with Microservices

Why microservices matter for healthcare IT teams and for healthcare innovation?

How to Set up a Microservices Architecture in Ruby: A Step by Step Guide

There are currently many ways you can set up your microservices, and this guide will focus on a broker architecture.

Your Lead Architect Doesn’t Really Understand Microservices

It takes time for experts to discern what matters and what does not. But in the end, following the leader may be the best approach of all.



CoolStore is a containerised polyglot microservices application consisting of services based on JBoss Middleware, NodeJS, Spring, Netflix OSS and more running on OpenShift


Operating a High Velocity Large Organization with Spring Cloud

An Introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

Developing microservices with aggregates - Chris Richardson

Microservices, The Data Dichotomy: Rethinking Data & Services with Streams

Microservices TV


How do you overcome these problems with microservices