Issue #56 | Feb 9, 2016


Get to Know Netflix's Zuul

Here's a look at what Zuul can offer your applications, ranging from authentication and security to routing to resiliency and more.

Turning the database inside-out with Apache Samza

This talk is about database architecture and application architecture.

Concurrency and Parallelism: Understanding I/O

In the first episode of Concurrency and Parallelism series, Rising Stack team starts from the ground up: HOw the OS level schedules our application’s I/O.

Circuit breakers?—?You don’t need to wait for failures

What is a circuit breaker?

Distributed Application Development Through Microservices

A microservice architecture design pattern has advantages over a monolithic design pattern. The idea is to divide the single application into interconnected applications.

JHipster 3.0 Tutorial Pt 1+2

Scaffolding a microservice application using JHipster.

Domain Events vs. Integration Events

This blog post is about comparing several approaches of Domain Events vs. Integration Events patterns already published by the community.

Why Microservices Should Be Event-Driven

Some of the recommendations we hear for building a microservices architecture go against our sensibilities. Autonomy, not authority, is a key piece to the puzzle.

Microservices for JavaEE Developers

This article will see how microservices can be a valid option for Java EE developers and how Payara Micro can help them by providing a perfect platform.

Microservices love Domain Driven Design, why and how?

This talk explains how the patterns and concepts of Domain Driven Design relate to Microservice architectures.

Microservices in action, Part 1: Introduction to microservices

This first installment gives you a high-level view of microservices' role in cloud architectures and contrasts microservices-based systems with older, monolithic models.

Four Essential Checklists when Getting Started

Useful guidance when considering possible adoption of microservices.

Real Architectural Patterns

A dissection of our favorite folk architecture.


How to Become a Maestro of Microservices with Spring Cloud Data Flow


Microservices and IoT: A Perfect Match

Data Microservices done right using Spring Cloud

Building resilient and evolutionary data microservices



Lightweight framework for building java microservices.


Handling Eventual Consistency in JVM Microservices with Event Sourcing