Learn how to design large scale systems

Issue #58 | Mar 10, 2017


Making a Mailing Microservice with Elixir and RabbitMQ

Article from Render Text team on how they created service that gathers information from multiple sources, and then emails a report that summarizes the data in a useful way to our customers

The System Design Primer

Learn how to design large scale systems

Ditch Micro Services For Your Next Startup

If you are thinking of building micro services I urge you to reason out the complexities involved

Why I Still Love CQRS

Short story about CQRS and Event Sourcing

Building Scalable Applications Using Event Sourcing and CQRS

Event sourcing, cqrs, kafka and how author is using it to build scalable data driven infrastructure

Microservices with Docker, Spring Boot and Axon CQRS/ES

In this post, author introduces microservice project which combines CQRS and containerization

A Discussion on Distributed State and Microservices

Josh Long about patterns for connecting distributed systems

And you thought you were doing Microservices

Common issues that people have building microservices

Epoll is fundamentally broken

Post about the epoll(2) I/O multiplexing syscall

API Design: Think First, Code Later

Post on how to design a properly-thought API

API management with JHipster

JHipster lead developer talks about what JHipster provides

5 Lessons We’ve Learned Using AWS

Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore


Ask HN: How to convince my team that microservices are not a good idea to us?


Maturing Your Microservices Applications with CQRS

Kenny Bastani goes deep on CQRS—what it is, when to use it, cautions—in this Pivotal Insights episode.