An introduction to distributed systems

Issue #60 | Mar 23, 2017


The Cracking Monolith: The Forces That Call for Microservices

Sempahore team experience of scaling up Semaphore to manage tens of thousands of private CI jobs on a daily basis

An introduction to distributed systems

Class materials for a distributed systems lecture series

Introduction to gRPC

This article will take a quick look at what gRPC is, and how or when it can fit into your services

Tackling Complexity in CQRS

The CQRS pattern can do wonders: it can maximize scalability, performance, security, and even "beat" the CAP theorem

The million dollar engineering problem

Here is the story on how Segment tech team managed to cut AWS bill by over one million dollars annually

Do You Even Microservice, Bro?

When are microservices useful?

Oracle Cloud - architecture blueprint

When you start developing an architecture for microservices you will need to have a fresh look on how you will do logging

Building a Bank with Golang, Microservices and Containers

At QCon London Matt Heath presented "Building a Bank with Golang"

Our Path from Monolith to Microservices

How Lack of SQL Joins and Foreign Keys Aided Hootsuite in their Journey

Security in a reactive microservices architecture

Article addresses security while designing a reactive authorization architecture

From microservices to chatbots

Impactful tech trends that will shape 2017

Microservice versioning

How to make breaking changes without breaking stuff

Using logs to build a solid data infrastructure

Use logs as source of truth to avoid perpetual inconsistency between storages engines

From enterprise service bus to microservices

The present and future of data integration in the cloud

What are the most common cloud infrastructure technologies

In January 2017, Datawire conducted a survey to help understand some of cloud technology related trends


microXchg 2017

Microservices playl

Introducing RxJava into a Spring Boot REST API