Serverless Architecture

Issue #63 | Apr 20, 2017


Microservices in a High-Load Project

Development manager of "M-Tex" Vadim Madison talked about growth from the system

Microservices in Practice: From Architecture to Deployment

Key architectural concepts of the Microservices Architecture (MSA) and how you can use those architectural principles in practice

The Life of a Serverless Microservice on AWS

How you can develop, test, deploy and operate a production-ready Serverless Microservice using the AWS ecosystem

Scaling your API with rate limiters

Rate limiting can help make your API more reliable

Serverless Architecture: Five Design Patterns

Serverless architecture allows developers to focus on managing what their applications and systems need to do

Microservices & API Gateways, Part 1

Why an API Gateway?

Authorization system with Owin, Web Api, Json Web Tokens

Create a reusable authentication system using Json Web Tokens ( Jwt ), Owin and Web Api

Part 3: Microservices Authorization In-Depth

Externalized Dynamic Authorization Itself as a Microservice

Monolith to Microservices – Securing w/OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT

Technology discussed/ideas considered: OAuth2, JWT and Microservices

Simple Asynchronous Microservices using Lambda Architecture

Lambda Architecture is a simple, powerful, though limited example of a Microservice

Microservices, bounded context, cohesion

What do they have in common?


Self-Contained Systems

Assembling software from independent systems


An authentication and authorization architecture for a microservices world


Microservices and permissions