Do Microservices Make SOA Irrelevant?

Issue #64 | May 12, 2017


Microservices Architectures: 3 Overlooked Considerations

Addressing the Common Requirements of Service-Interactions

How Etsy Manages HTTPS and SSL Certificates for Custom Domains on Pattern

Interesting challenges you run into when building a system designed to serve HTTPS traffic for hundreds of thousands of domains

gRPC-Web: Moving past REST+JSON towards type-safe Web APIs

This blog post presents how we expanded our use of gRPC, the lingua franca for our microservice and client libraries

Patterns: Saga

How can we get transaction-like behavior or complex interactions between services without transactions

Do Microservices Make SOA Irrelevant?

Is service-oriented architecture, or SOA, dead? You may be tempted to think so.

HTTPS: Fundamentals and Performance Impact

You can make your applications faster by terminating SSL closer to the user

It's Microservices All the Way Down

Ori Pekelam discusses the principles underlying a microservices architecture

Microservices With AngularJS, Spring Boot, and Kafka

Asynchronous end-to-end calls starting from the view layer to the backend is important in a microservices architecture because there is no guarantee that the containers which receive the calls will handle the response



A fast, lightweight and more productive microservices framework


Handling Eventual Consistency in JVM Microservices with Event Sourcing


CSRF in microservice architecture