Build an application using microservices and CQRS

Issue #65 | May 25, 2017


Build an application using microservices and CQRS

Maximize the performance and scalability of your microservices-based apps

Designing a system of microservices

This is part two of a three-part blog series on visualizing microservices.

Writing and Testing an Event Sourcing Microservice with Kafka and Go

In this tutorial, we will take a look at how Kafka can help us with handling distributed messaging in a Go application.

Microservices – How to Explain Them to Your CEO

Break down of the cloud native application into simple terms that hopefully make it easier for people to understand.

Microservices for the Masses with Spring Boot, JHipster, and JWT - Devoxx UK 2017

Microservices are all the rage and being deployed by many Java Hipsters.

Nginx sysguard module

This module can be used to protect your server in case system load, memory use goes too high or requests are responded too slow.

Taking Zero-Downtime Load Balancing even Further

Ever since we rolled out our zero-downtime HAProxy reload system a few years ago, we have been disappointed that it required additional investment to work well for our external load balancing on our edge.

An open-source web platform for the new President of France

This Case Study is a guest post written by Titouan Galopin, lead engineer and product lead at EnMarche project.

Google, IBM and Lyft launch Istio

An open-source platform for managing and securing microservices

How Should Microservice’s Communicate?

Microservices will generally need to send or process messages from other microservices or clients. To that end, it’s worth considering your options for inter-service communication.

Microservices Architecture

How to succeed with microservices architecture

A Comparison of Mapping Approaches for Distributed Cloud Applications

Microservices & DDD


Microxchg 2017 - Juven Xu: Aliexpress' Way To Microservices


Episode 77: Monolith Vs Microservices