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Issue #67 | Jun 16, 2017


Microservice Discovery using Netflix Eureka

The article presents a technical solution for Service Discovery using Netflix Eureka

Log-structured storage

Nice analysis of Designing data-intensive applications book (Martin Kleppmann)

Microservices Architecture in OutSystems

Understand how to design modular architecture implementations in which services all reside in their own infrastructure and are decoupled, communicating through loosely coupled, lightweight mechanisms


Bulkheads are used in ships to create separate watertight compartments which serve to limit the effect of a failure

Why event sourcing?

The standard way to atomically is to use a distributed transaction involving a database and a message broker. Let's see what is the alternative

Defining a reactive microservice

Two characteristics to consider when building a microservices-based architecture

What is a Microservices Architecture?

Characteristics of Microservices Architecture

Microservices?-?When to React Vs. Orchestrate

Should I use orchestration or a reactive approach in my application? And is it possible to use both?

Microservices reference architecture

Take a cloud-native approach to building mobile and web applications with a microservices architecture

What is DevOps?

Think, Code, Deploy, Run, Manage, Learn


Distributed Sagas: A Protocol for Coordinating Microservices

Implementing Microservices tracing with Spring Cloud and Zipkin

The hardest part of microservices is your data


Google and IBM announce Istio – easily secure and manage microservices


Distributed sagas a protocol for coordinating microservices

In the Eventual Consistency of Succeeding at Microservices