LSM & Append Only Data Structures

Issue #69 | Jul 3, 2017


LSM & Append Only Data Structures

Ben Stopford talks about the beauty of sequential access and append only data structures.

Reactive Microservices With Lagom and Java

Building Reactive Systems can be hard, but Lagom abstracts the complexities away.

Introduction into Microservices

This articles explain the purposes and risks of microservice architectures.

Scaling a Web Service: Load Balancing

This post is going to look at one aspect of how sites like Facebook handle billions of requests and stay highly available: load balancing.

Automatic Docker Service Announcement with Registrator

Service Registration with Docker.

Zero copy, zero overhead

Efficient data transfer through zero copy.

Monitoring Bash Microservices at Scale

Paul Bellamy covers epic fails experienced moving to microservices using the RED method to monitor what matters.

Event Sourcing on the JVM

Greg Young looks at Event Sourcing as a concept.

Spotifys Reliable Event Delivery System

Igor Maravic talks about the design and operational aspects of Spotify’s reliable event delivery system.

How Kafka's Storage Internals Work

This post will help you to understand how Kafka stores its data.

Transaction basics and distributed transactions

See how two-phase commit distributed transactions work.

Making do without distributed transactions

How to ensure transactional qualities in cloud applications.

Combine business process management and blockchain

In Part 1, learn how a combination of business process management and blockchain technologies leads to smarter business processes.

Versioning of microservices

How do we keep track of the state and version of each microservice?


Netflix OSS and Kubernetes

Developing Microservices for PaaS with Spring and Cloud Foundry