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Issue #7 | Dec 31, 2015


The Power, Patterns, and Pains of Microservices

Learn to use known distributed systems patterns to make your microservices-based applications more resilient and more robust.

The (Real) Tradeoffs in Microservices

Operational complexity is a cost but it is not the sole purview of microservices; you could design applications with many different architectures that are just as operationally complex as a typical microservices deployment.

From the Editors: When microservices are frozen, it’s time to let them go

Ethos of micro service architecture.

Microservices at Spotify

Kevin Goldsmith, Vice President of Engineering at Spotify, talked about how Spotify uses microservices to break down architectures and be innovative at the GOTO Berlin 2015 conference.

Stream Processing at Scale with Spring XD and Kafka

Marius performs a demo that shows how to unleash the power of Kafka with Spring XD, by building a highly scalable data pipeline with RxJava and Kafka, using Spring XD as a platform.

Microservices in Practice: Challenges

Challenges that @sourceallies dealt with in implementing a microservice-based architecture

Applications Through an Attacker’s Lens

Michael Coates explores how attackers target, analyze and compromise applications.

HTTP API Design Guide

This guide describes a set of HTTP+JSON API design practices, originally extracted from work on the Heroku Platform API.

Agile Management: How to Manage Microservices With Your Team

This post will walk you through the traps and triumphs of your team on microservices, and we will even go into how, when done correctly, microservices architecture fits right in with the rules driving quality software design, dating all the way back to the 1960s.

New – Gzip Compression Support for Amazon CloudFront

After you enable it for a particular CloudFront distribution, text and binary content will be compressed at the edge and returned in response to requests that indicate that compressed content is preferred (most modern browsers do this automatically).

Building an Apache Kafka Messaging Producer on Bluemix

Recently Kafka 0.9 was released which is now available as Message Hub (beta) service in Bluemix.

Apache Kafka, Samza, and the Unix Philosophy of Distributed Data

Martin Kleppmann and beautiful article on what it would look like if modern distributed data systems learnt a thing or two from Unix.

Software Subcultures Part 1: Microservices

This series of blog posts will explore three important software subcultures – Microservices, DevOps and Agile – and will serve as introductions to a mini-series of eBooks which will be published by 201digital.

Building a Serverless Dynamic DNS System with AWS

How to build your own dynamic DNS system with a small script and several AWS services.


Pragmatic REST: The Next Generation

Apigee’s Marsh Gardiner and Martin Nally review recent trends in API design, including topics such as hypermedia and how Swagger's opinions on API design influence common patterns.

Apache Kafka and the Next 700 Stream Processing Systems

Most software systems continuously transform streams of inputs into streams of outputs. Yet the idea of directly modeling stream processing in infrastructure systems is just coming into it's own after a few decades on the periphery.


Spotify Apollo

Apollo is a set of Java libraries that @Spotify uses when writing micro-services.

Yelp Releases a Microservices Framework

Yelp Releases a Microservices Framework

Apache Eagle: Secure Hadoop in Real Time

Eagle is an open-source Data Activity Monitoring solution for Hadoop to instantly detect access to sensitive data or malicious activities, and to take appropriate actions.


Engineering experiences with Microservices Architecture

Andrew Harmel - Law interviewed by Maurice Driessen