Managing complex business transactions

Issue #71 | Aug 3, 2017


Application DDoS Protection in Microservice Architectures

Strategies for mitigating application DDoS in microservice architectures.

Streaming for Personalization Datasets at Netflix

Shriya Arora talks about the experiences Netflix’s Personalization Data team had in stream processing unbounded datasets.

Compensating RESTful Transactions

Transaction compensation based approach in which participants make changes visible but register a compensatory action which is performed if something goes wrong.

Saga Infrastructure

Managing complex business transactions.

Practical Guide to SQL Transaction Isolation

It's a fundamental topic to understand however and you’ll feel more comfortable if you dedicate some time to study this guide.

Production Ready Microservices In Action

Practical guide for cloud native Microservice development.

A Rant on Usable Security

The overall outline of the talk covered the past, present, and future of usable security.

Distributed Logging Architecture for Microservices

In this article we will see what are the best practices we need to follow while logging micro services and the architecture to handle distributed logging.

Messaging as the Single Source of Truth

This post discusses Event Sourcing in the context of Apache Kafka, examining the need for a single source of truth that spans entire service estates.

Managing Data in Microservices

Randy Shoup shares proven patterns that have been successful at Google, eBay, and Stitch Fix.


Distributed Sagas: A Protocol for Coordinating Microservices


Decouple and Scale Applications Using Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS


The need for transactions in the MicroProfile