Perspective on Architectural Fitness of Microservices

Issue #72 | Aug 24, 2017


Service Discovery for Microservices with Docker on AWS

How to setup a Docker cluster and configure service discovery on AWS.

Pattern: Service Mesh

Phil Calcado describes Service Mesh pattern in distributed systems.

Perspective on Architectural Fitness of Microservices

Potential architectural fitness of microservices in the context of Master Data Management (MDM).

Leveraging the Power of a Database 'Unbundled'

Adding stream processing into the MSA allows a service estate to be rethought as a kind of distributed database.

Kubernetes at GitHub

GitHub shares with you story on how they moved a critical application to Kubernetes.

Microservices in Practic: From Architecture to Deployment

Key architectural concepts of the Microservices Architecture(MSA) and how you can use those architectural principles in practice.

Securing Spring Cloud Microservices With OAuth2

From Zero to OAuth2 in Spring cloud.

RxJava Observables

Different observables and its categories.

Deploying Lagom Microservices on Kubernetes

This guide will cover the configuration required to run your Lagom-based system on Kubernetes.

Buffered Channels In Go?—?What Are They Good For?

Buffered channels work great when you want to either gather data back from a set of goroutines that you have launched or when you want to limit concurrent usage.


2016 LLVM Developers' Meeting: D. Dunbar "A New Architecture for Building Software"

Managing Data in Microservices

Java-based microservices, containers, Kubernetes