Hystrix As The Jon Snow

Issue #73 | Sep 7, 2017


PKCE: What can(not) be protected

This post is about PKCE [RFC7636], a protection mechanism for OAuth and OpenIDConnect designed for public clients to detect the authorization code interception attack.

Enough with the microservices

The mistake of choosing a path towards a given architecture or technology on the basis of so-called best practices articles found online is a costly one.

Microservices Communication: Hystrix As The Jon Snow

How Hystrix works as a NightWatch?

Microservice Principles: Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes

On of the challenges transition from building monolithic systems is understanding how to enable communications between microservices.

Rapidly developing applications

7-part series on microservices application development.

Evolving to Microservices

Some of the key benefits of moving to a microservices based architecture on the Cloud.

Your API-Centric Web App Is Probably Not Safe Against XSS and CSRF

Is an API-centric architecture vulnerable to classic web applications attack vectors like XSS and CSRF?

API management with JHipster

What is JHipster doing in the API management world?

Spring boot and Dropwizard in microservices world

Dropwizard and Spring boot comparison.

The Skinny on Fat, Thin, Hollow, and Uber

Article from Red Hat team on how they used WildFly Swarm to shrink the application from 45 megabytes to only 2243 bytes.

Comparing Elixir and Go

Author compares the two by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming styles, and how they deal with concurrency.

How to build Microservices wrong

There are several traps you can fall into without deep understanding of its fundamentals.


5 ways to improve your Java EE applications in reactive way


Best Practice in Microservice Architecture