Microservice Principles: Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes

Issue #74 | Sep 18, 2017


Microservice Principles: Smart Endpoints and Dumb Pipes

This article elaborates on Martin Fowler’s concept, and explains modern techniques for building microservice communications that follow the "dumb pipe" paradigm.

Publishing with Apache Kafka at The New York Times

How Kafka is used for storing all the articles ever published by The New York Times?

Distributed systems

This text is focused on distributed programming and systems concepts you'll need to understand commercial systems in the data center.

Getting Started with Microservices

Fundamentals of DevOps with Containerized Microservices.

Microservices vs. SOA

Is There Any Difference at All?

It’s Okay To Store Data In Apache Kafka

A question people often ask about Apache Kafka is whether it is okay to use it for longer term storage?

Operationalizing Data Science Models on the Pivotal Stack

Pivotal team describes some of the data science microservices they built for real-time scoring.

Practical Guide to SQL Transaction Isolation

It’s a fundamental topic to understand how.


Anyone using Axon or CQRS / Event Sourcing in real world applications?


Spring cloud contract

Support for Consumer Driven Contracts in Spring.


The Journey to Microservices from a Startup Perspective

Susanne Kaiser shares some experiences and challenges her team at JustSocialApps faced and still face during their microservices journey.


Getting Real with Microservices


Scaling Your Org with Microservices

Sam Newman - Drawing