Dealing with eventual consistency in a CQRS/ES application

Issue #76 | Oct 9, 2017


ACID + Foreign Keys Versus Eventual Consistency

Why foreign keys managed by an ACID compliant RDBMS, lead to a scalability problem that can be extremely cost prohibitive to solve?

Dealing with eventual consistency in a CQRS/ES application

This article describes how to use Commanded to alleviate eventual consistency woes.

Getting started with Microservices

This Refcard aims to introduce the reader to microservices and define their key characteristics.

Experiences with Apache Kafka – Part I

This is the first post in a series which will focus on Apache Kafka and how it can be leveraged in a Big Data environment.

Lambda, Kappa, Microservice and Enterprise Architecture for Big Data

Article about microservice Architecture for Big Data.

Designing a Microservices Architecture for Failure

This article introduces the most common techniques and architecture patterns to build and operate a highly available microservice.

Composite UIs for Microservices

Does the component I'm building own the data it's displaying?


ETL Is Dead, Long Live Streams

Building Fault Tolerant Microservices


Microservices for everyone



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