Scaling the largest dating website in Sweden

Issue #78 | Nov 13, 2017


Building a Microservices Ecosystem with Kafka Streams and KSQL

We can use the Kafka Streams API to piece together complex business systems as a collection of asynchronously executing, event-driven services.


Scaling the largest dating website in Sweden.

How to renew Access Tokens

This article explains that Refresh Tokens are probably not what you should be using.

Deploying Java Applications with Docker and Kubernetes

Get started orchestrating containerized applications at scale.

Introduction to microservices

Smaller, faster, stronger: Building better cloud applications from the ground up.

Secure Spring REST API using OAuth2

A simple guide showing what is required to secure a REST API using Spring OAuth2.

Google's approach to observability

The progression of microservices in the industry resembles the way microservices progressed at Google.

Towards Microservices Architecture

Understand how you can start building truly modular systems with Microservices architecture.



Reactive APIs for Microservices.


Queueing Theory


Recap: The WSO2 Impact