Transactions in Apache Kafka

Issue #79 | Nov 23, 2017


Kubernetes and Microservices

This page gathers resources about how to use Kubernetes to create a continuous delivery configuration for building microservices.

Transactions in Apache Kafka

The goal of the document is to familiarize the reader with the main concepts needed to use the transaction API in Apache Kafka effectively.

Designing Event Sourced Microservices

Looking at individual services and applying the event sourcing pattern to services that actually benefit from it.

Spring Boot 2.0 Will Feature Improved Actuator Endpoints

The upcoming release of Spring Boot 2.0.0 M4 will feature an improved actuator endpoint infrastructure.

Microservices are hard?

An invaluable guide to microservices.

Event Sourcing Microservices with Kafka

Author describes a microservice application using Kafka as the primary data store.



A scalable, event-driven and event-sourced Java EE application.


Reactive Microsystems - The Evolution of Microservices at Scale


Serverless Event-Driven Architecture with Danilo Poccia


EventSourcing and DDD Entity events


Interview with Scott Bellware

About micro-services in Ruby, event sourcing, autonomous services, SOA, dumb pipes, EventStore and mis-representation of terms in IT.