New Year Edition

Issue #80 | Dec 28, 2017


Discover How Data Streaming Can Revolutionize Your Business

How a streaming platform can become the digital nerve center of your business.

Testing Kafka Streams topologies with Kafka Interceptors

The aim of this blog post is to compare integration testing approaches for Kafka Streams topologies.

Toward a Functional Programming Analogy for Microservices

What style of microservices would map most closely to the needs of the organization?

Designing, building, and operating microservices on Azure

How to build and run a microservices architecture on Azure?

Microservices Resources

Links to excellent videos, articles, blogs, etc. on microservices architecture.

Microservice Architecture - All the best practices you need to know

Before transforming your monolithic system into microservices, or starting one from scratch, you need to carefully consider the technological and organizational challenges that will arise.

Cloud Native Part 5: Microservices

This is the fifth part in a multi-part series that examines multiple angles of how to think about and apply “cloud native” thinking.

Microservice Architecture – Beyond HTTP

This talk explores why HTTP is not the best fit for microservice architectures and how it results in the need for complex cloud infrastructure components.


Decentralized Objects with Martin Kleppman

Martin and talks about conflict resolution, CRDTs, and decentralized applications.


Reducing Microservice Complexity with Kafka and Reactive Streams

Four Distributed Systems Architectural Patterns